Anne Hathaway's Les Misérables Performance Spoofed in "For Your Consideration"

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Anne Hathaway's <i>Les Misérables</i> Performance Spoofed in "For Your Consideration"

With the Academy Awards less than a month away, studios are fighting tooth-and-nail to get the word out on their latest award-contenders.

In a race where many categories are up in the air, however, one of the sure-fire locks seems to be Anne Hathaway’s supporting turn as the tragic Fantine in Les Misérables.

Now, in a bit of good-natured ribbing, actress/singer Emma Fitzpatrick has created an impressive spoof of Hathaway’s lauded portrayal in a video called “For Your Consideration.” In a performance that mimics Hathaway’s show-stopping “I Dreamed a Dream” number, Fitzpatrick (complete with short hair and dirt-covered face) intones about the well-publicized challenges and extremes that she (as Hathaway) went through in order to prepare for the role. She sings, “I played a prostitute who died / Her life was really sad and awful / But I was bold and unafraid / I let them give me this new haircut / And I lost half my body weight / But then they never did a wide shot.”

And, in one of the video’s best moments, “Hathaway” boasts about the rawness of her performance with the line, “And though I had to blow my nose / I did it all in one take, bitches!”

Watch the hilarious video below: