Watch Paul Giamatti Perform Twilight, Magic Mike-esque Strip Tease

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Watch Paul Giamatti Perform <i>Twilight</i>, <i>Magic Mike</i>-esque Strip Tease

With his acclaimed roles in films like American Splendor and Sideways, Paul Giamatti has emerged as one of Hollywood’s most consistently excellent actors. Whether the role calls for him to be the compassionate high school wrestling coach of Win Win or the snarling cartoonish villain of Shoot ‘Em Up, Giamatti is an actor who can always be counted on to give it 100 percent every time.

Vulture writer Julie Klausner witnessed this dedication firsthand when, in an interview to promote the actor’s latest film John Dies at the End, she had the seasoned thespian step into a romantic lead-mode by re-enacting scenes from Twilight, You’ve Got Mail and Magic Mike. What follows is inspired, to say the least.

Watch Giamatti cook up some serious acting magic below.