Watch the Hilariously Absurd NFL Bad Lip Reading

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Watch the Hilariously Absurd <i>NFL Bad Lip Reading</i>

Admit it. You’ve always enjoyed deciphering inaudible comments by players, coaches and officials when watching NFL games. Bad Lip Reading took this idea and ran with it for their latest upload.

The popular Youtube channel with nearly 1 million subscribers spoofs various clips from pop culture by substituting hilariously ridiculous statements over the original verbal content. The newest video is on its way to be BLR’s most popular yet with over 11 million views since being released on Wednesday.

Even though it’s less than three minutes, picking a favorite (or most absurd) moment is nearly impossible. Jim Harbaugh yelling for cake? The referee’s rant about his date’s bean bags? Tom Brady showing off his white-ness?

With the AFC and NFC Championships tonight, let’s hope the guys at BLR get inspired to give us another installment of this gloriously insane video.

Watch the The NFL: A Bad Lip Reading below: