The Pee-Wee Herman Cycling Suit

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The Pee-Wee Herman Cycling Suit

Activewear for your favorite loner and/or rebel.

Here’s what we’d use as our one wish from Jambi today: The Pee-Wee Herman cycling suit. If your traditional Pee-Wee attire doesn’t necessarily fit closely enough to cycle (hey, Herman always made it work…), has the solution for you.

Their Pee-Wee Cycling suit is a “professional-grade” suit, which “will give you an edge at any race by distracting your fellow bikers with uncontrollable laughter.” It’s also handy in case you’re going cross-country for a trip to track down your stolen, beloved bicycle.

The suit is available here for $149.99, but the following sweet moves are not guaranteed: