Former Hartford Advocate Writer Brews "Unemployed Reporter Porter"

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Former <i>Hartford Advocate</i> Writer Brews "Unemployed Reporter Porter"

You’ve just been laid off. What do you do? You could drown your sorrows at your local pub or…you could just channel your pain into brewing your own beer.

We like the second one. A lot. And that’s just what a former staff writer of the Hartford Advocate did, according to the Association of Alternative Newsmedia.

Jon Campbell has produced what he calls “the first beer brewed by print journalists, for print journalists.”

The beer, the aptly named “Unemployed Reporter Porter,” contains chocolate and barley malts that, according to the label, “are as dark and bitter as the future of American journalism,” reports the Hartford Advocate.

And as for why Campbell decided to brew a porter-style beer, the label explains:

“Porter style beers were first popularized in the nineteenth century by merchant sailors and manual dock laborers. Unemployed Reporter is crafted in the same tradition, honoring a profession likewise doomed to decline and irrelevance.”

Yeah. Funny and boozy: That’s the kind of beer we’d love to try.

However, the release date for Campbell’s home-brew is still to be determined as production of the porter has “not yet expanded beyond the five-gallon bucket in [Campbell’s] closet.”

We’re waiting though, Campbell. With empty mugs in hand.