Any Given Puppy Bowl

Comedy News
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<i>Any Given Puppy Bowl</i>

Clear eyes, full barks, can’t lose.

In cuteness overload, ColllegeHumor used puppies to parody Oliver Stone’s football drama Any Given Sunday in their newest upload appropriately titled Any Given Puppy Bowl. Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl is annually broadcasted the same day as the NFL’s Super Bowl.

“I wanna see puppies taking naps, using other puppies as pillows,” Coach Tucker demands to his cuddly athletes in the CollegeHumor skit. “Now who’s a good boy? You’re all good boys. But tonight, I need you to be great boys.”

Puppy Bowl IX will air this Sunday on Animal Planet at 3 p.m. EST.

Check out the CollegeHumor’s Any Given Puppy Bowl below.