Watch Vin Diesel Sing Rihanna's "Stay" for Valentine's Day

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Watch Vin Diesel Sing Rihanna's "Stay" for Valentine's Day

Everyone likes a pleasant surprise on Valentine’s Day, but it’s doubtful that Vin Diesel singing a Rihanna song karaoke-style (and pulling it off) was quite what anyone expected this year.

While his delivery alternates between a throaty growl à la Nick Cave and a shockingly well executed falsetto, the Fast and the Furious star sings the song “Stay” from Rihanna’s most recent album, Unapologetic.

It’s not clear if this is a private performance or if Vin Diesel just happened to spend his Valentine’s evening somewhere with a convenient karaoke machine and music video projection screen in the corner, but there’s no doubt that he wants to spread the love when he repeats three times at the video’s conclusion, “Happy V-Day, everyone.”

You can watch Vin Diesel’s rendition of “Stay” below.