'60s-Style Batman Delivers Suspected Burglar to British Police

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'60s-Style Batman Delivers Suspected Burglar to British Police

Photo by Warner Bros.

See? It’s not always about Gotham and the Joker. The caped crusader made it to England last Monday to exact his brand of justice on a suspected burglar.

An unidentified man dressed as Batman (circa 1960) hauled in a suspected burglar to a police station in Bradford, England, according to The Associated Press.

In photos released by the Bradford police station, it appears that the man donned a Batman costume complete with cape, boots and mask. It also appears that the top half of the costume is a sweatshirt with the traditional yellow and black Batman ‘bat signal’ emblem on the front.

ABC News reports that the 27-year-old suspect was charged with handling stolen goods, breaching a court order and other fraud-related offenses. His court date is set for March 8.

You can view a short video montage of the photos from ABC News below.