Brewery Creates Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Beer

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Brewery Creates Girl Scout Cookie-Inspired Beer

Girl Scout Cookie season isn’t over until last call.

A San Francisco brewery and cafe has brewed and made available five beers that are inspired by Girl Scout Cookie flavors, according to SF Weekly.

Cevercería de MateVeza’s cookie beer collection includes: a peanut butter cream ale (Do-Si-Dos), a peppermint porter (Thin Mints), a shortbread golden ale (Trefoils), a salted chocolate stout with peanut butter (Peanut Butter Patties) and a Belgian dubbel with coconut and cocoa nibs (Samoas).

In an interview with the San Francisco Brewers Guild, Jim Woods, a co-owner of Cevercería de MateVeza, talked about how the flavors of each cookie beer had been developed and assures beer lovers that though the beers are “on the sweeter side,” they are “not overly cloying.”

The beers were first made available on Friday and are served with their respective cookie.