Breaking Bad, The Walking Dead as '90s-Era TV Shows

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<i>Breaking Bad</i>, <i>The Walking Dead</i> as '90s-Era TV Shows

Photo by AMC

Yes, someone took the time to edit footage of already amazing shows to reflect the golden age of ‘90s-era TV.

Breaking Bad was re-imagined as an incredibly cheesy, happy ‘90s sitcom, while The Walking Dead looks like every cop-drama the NYPD Blue/Party of Five- generation had to offer. And both of these parodies capture the wonderful duality that was ‘90s television in America: an intensely dark and grungy, rebellious attitude oddly often paired with sunshiny wholesome family values.

Both parodies were made by YouTube user goestoeleven.

You can watch the 90s-style parodies of Breaking Bad here and The Walking Dead below.