Google+ to Allow Animated GIFs as Profile Photos

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harry potter animated gif.gif

“You’re a GIF, Harry!”

And now that Google+ has animated GIF support for uploaded profile photos, you can be one too. Just like those animated newspaper photos in the wizarding world of Harry Potter.

According to The Verge, among the updates that Google has made to its mobile and desktop versions of its social networking site, one of the changes was to add support for the use of animated GIFs in posts or profile photos.

Google announced the update Monday with an example of an animated profile picture from an employee’s profile.

While GIFs have been around and popular for quite a while (just look at Tumblr) and the technology is nothing new, Google’s supported use of them as profile pictures on a social media site is different from its competitors. Facebook doesn’t offer such support and Twitter recently banned the use of animated GIFs as profile photos.

So if you’ve got Photoshop, a video to work with and a Google+ account, you’re now allowed to have an animated profile photo of your very own.

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