Tiny Robots Move Like Humans for TED Talk Dance

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Tiny Robots Move Like Humans for TED Talk Dance

Photo by TED Conferences, LLC

They’re emotive, expressive and well-choreographed dancers. They’re also tiny robots.

With an intense driving beat playing in the background, the robots, humanoids called Nao, easily transition from smooth, slow almost oddly Tai Chi-like moves to much faster, more complex movements. The NAOs, made by Aldebaran Robotics, were also, surprisingly able to mimic some emotive head movements, that you’d normally see human dancers perform.

The choreographed robot dance was a part of a TEDxConcorde talk. Bruno Maisonnier, founder and CEO of Aldebaran Robotics, came to speak at TEDxConcorde and show off his company’s innovation: a humanoid robot.

TEDxConcorde is is an independently held French TED event. The difference between TEDx and TED events is that TED events are more global with speakers chosen from all over the world, while TEDx events feature speakers that are more local, usually from the communities in which they are held.

You can watch the dancing robots in the video below.