Wil Wheaton and Drew Curtis to Dabble Craft Brewing

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Wil Wheaton and Drew Curtis to Dabble Craft Brewing

Wil Wheaton and Fark’s Drew Curtis are not only friends, they’re friends who are going to make awesome beer together. Jealous? Us too.

Wheaton, of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Stand By Me, has been a friend of Stone Brewing co-founder Greg Koch for some time. It seemed inevitable that Wheaton would end up at the brewery at some point, and true to his awesomeness, Wheaton decided to get involved in the actual brewing process.

Drew Curtis, founder of the hilarious Fark.com and friend of Wheaton, will be contributing to the process. The creativity is taking place on April 2 following a meet and greet at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens.

There is no name for the beer yet, but it’s expected to be released in July to coincide with Comic-Con. It will also be available from retailers across the country.