Zombie Story: A Comparison Of Toy Story and The Walking Dead

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Zombie Story: A Comparison Of <i>Toy Story</i> and <i>The Walking Dead</i>

Your favorite childhood film just got a bit darker and a whole lot funnier.

An Imgur user known as jimmylegs50 (John Wray) posted a collection of GIFs from the Toy Story movies and the popular AMC television series The Walking Dead. Sounds innocent enough, right?

And then Wray drops a mind-blowing, yet funny observation-bomb on you: The plots of The Walking Dead and Toy Story are so strikingly similar, they’re almost the same.

Wray’s argument is pretty spot on as far as we can tell, not to mention we admire Wray’s commitment to finding each photo to describe every eerily similar plot point between the two works.

You can watch the drama of Zombie Story unfold in the slideshow below.