An Interactive Touchscreen Fish Tank

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An Interactive Touchscreen Fish Tank

A fish tank for which you need no fish, just add water.

The Verge reports two masters candidates at NYU’s Interactive Telecommunication Program developed an interactive fish tank that explores the possibility of water as a touch screen surface.

Once filled with liquid, the tank creates a virtual aquarium with pixilated fish (represented by orange dots in the video) that make movements when someone touches the screen/water.

The technology allows users to “feed” their fish by touching the surface of the water; a blue circle appears which the fish flock to as if they’re being fed. Users can also drag their fingers across the surface and have the fish follow.

A webcam is what traces the user’s hand, allowing the fish to know where to “swim.” The tank uses no LCD display, but projects images directly onto the water using a throw projector at the bottom of the tank.

We’re pretty sure consumers are thinking a fishless aquarium isn’t something they need at all, but think about the implications this technology says about future gadgets. That’s pretty awesome.

See the video below.

Fish Tank from Manuela Donoso on Vimeo.