Nashville Band Releases 8-Bit Videogame to Advertise Single

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Nashville Band Releases 8-Bit Videogame to Advertise Single

In this day and age, with the market flooded with countless bands vying for attention, securing an audience can be a daunting task. Besides making legitimately good music, you have to market yourself well. In the past, bands have done so with a creative music video or bizarre stage antics.

But making an retro 8-bit video game to sell your latest song? Well that’s just damn brilliant.

Such is the case with Kansas Bible Company, a Nashville-based band with some catchy grooves and a five-piece horn section.

In advertising their recent album Hotel Chicamauga, the band has released a videogame based around their song “Jesus the Horse Thief” courtesy of the website Dream Bot. The basic structure has the player navigating around cactus, ghosts, fireballs and pink elephants atop his or her majestic horse. As you ride through the level, you are soundtracked by the title song. The goal is to amass as much points as possible before reaching the end of the level/song. As you lose health, your life bar decreases and the song becomes fainter and fainter.

Enjoy the glory here.