Watch Huey Lewis, Weird Al Take on American Psycho

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When it comes to promoting an album’s re-release, there are multiple ways to go about advertising the product. Luckily for us, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his 1983 album Sports, Huey Lewis choose first-degree murder with an ax.

Demonstrating that he can do one hell of a Christian Bale imitation, the rocker turned the tables on the celebrated actor and his most beloved role by releasing a parody of American Psycho via Funny or Die.

In recreating the famous scene from the controversial 2000 film where Bale, as psychopath Wall Street exec Patrick Bateman, brutally murders a co-worker while waxing poetic on the News’ Sports, Lewis steps into the Bateman role while Weird Al serves as the unfortunate victim.

Whereas Bale in the original launches into a lengthy critique about the News’ track “Hip to Be Square,” however, Lewis presents a thorough analysis of the themes and legacy of American Psycho.

Lewis’ reason for dismembering Yankovic? He’s angry that the jokester parodied his single “I Want a New Drug” with “I Need a New Duck.”

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