Steven Spielberg's Obama

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Steven Spielberg's <i>Obama</i>

After winning his record-breaking third Best Actor Oscar for Lincoln, one wonders what role renowned method actor Daniel Day-Lewis could possibly step into next.

For Lincoln director Steven Spielberg, the answer was simple: sitting President Barack Obama.

As part of a sketch for the Conan O’Brien-hosted White House Correspondents’ Association dinner on Saturday, Spielberg introduced a “behind-the-scenes” clip from his newest film Obama. What followed was an interview with none other than President Obama himself—or, if you will, Daniel Day-Lewis “playing” the President under layers of heavy make-up.

Under the guise of being an actor, the POTUS took some self-deprecating shots at himself, including a crack about his larger-than-normal ears.

Also apparently on the Obama film roster is Tracy Morgan as Vice President Joe Biden.

Watch the featurette from Spielberg’s latest opus above.