Scripps Spelling Bee Sneaks in Arrested Development Reference

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Scripps Spelling Bee Sneaks in <i>Arrested Development</i> Reference

The Scripps Spelling Bee in California featured an Arrested Development reference so sly, you’d think Mitch Hurwitz wrote it himself.

Seventh grader Sriram Hathwar was given the word “catachresis”, which means “a misuse of words,” and the example sentence given to Sriram was “Tobias had a habit of ill-timed catachresis, which was a consistent source of mirth in his family.”

Unfortunately, there must not have been any Arrested Development fans at the spelling bee, as not even a titter can be heard from the audience.

Check out the clip below to see if the smart speller blue it (hint: of course he didn’t, you blowhard!)