Veep's Julia Louis-Dreyfus Recounts Meeting Joe Biden on Conan

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<i>Veep</i>'s Julia Louis-Dreyfus Recounts Meeting Joe Biden on <i>Conan</i>

On HBO’s Veep, Julia Louis-Dreyfus plays the titular foul-mouthed Vice President, an insecure, abrasive politician who seems drawn to disastrous social faux pas like a high-powered magnet.

Now, In a nice bit of art colliding with real life, Louis-Dreyfus revealed on Conan last night that she recently had lunch with sitting Vice President Joe Biden. As proof that it happened, the real-life Veep took a “selfie” of the two with Louis-Dreyfus’ phone.

The actress also commented on Biden’s slightly off-color sense of humor.

“He says, ‘hey, does your husband like sleeping with the Vice-President? Because I’m trying to convince Jill [Biden] it’s a good idea,” she recalled, before adding, “he didn’t mean it in a racy way, he was just being funny.”

Watch a video of the interview below.