Napoleon Dynamite Gets the Superhero Treatment in Man of Dynamite

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Napoleon Dynamite Gets the Superhero Treatment in <i>Man of Dynamite</i>

Let’s be honest, a Man of Steel just feels contrived. Clunky, heavy, perhaps even a little outdated. After all, maybe a Man of Steel isn’t the hero your city really needs. Maybe you need someone more explosive. You need a hero with nun-chuck skills, bow hunting skills, computer hacking skills. You know—someone capable of doing heroic stuff.

In Mattedscreen’s mashup trailer, you get just that. A trailer for the recent blockbuster sensation Man of Steel gets mashed-up with the now cult-classic Napoleon Dynamite with hilarious results. You’d be surprised at how heroic Jon Heder looks awkwardly running down a gravel road with the right score behind him.