Star Trek Creator's Ashes to be Sent into Space

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<i>Star Trek</i> Creator's Ashes to be Sent into Space

Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry will be put to rest in the final frontier. Roddenberry’s remains will be launched into deep space along with those of his wife, Majel Barrett Roddenberry, who played Lwaxana in Star Trek: The Next Generation and was the voice of the computer on many Star Trek productions.

Reuters reports that remains of James Doohan (the actor who played Scotty) and sci-fi author Arthur C. Clarke will also be sent into orbit. The project is being developed by Houston-based company Celestis, which has been putting ashes into orbit for 16 years.

Celestis will launch the Summerjammer Solar Sail Mission from Cape Cod in November 2014, which is the first mission to enter deep space. The craft will be launched with an experimental solar sail from NASA that is designed to propel the craft using protons from the sun.

This isn’t the first time Roddenberry has been sent into space, as both his and Doohan’s remains were part of past Celestis launches. Roddenberry died at age 70 in 1991.