China Launches 24/7 Live Panda Broadcast

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China Launches 24/7 Live Panda Broadcast

Do you like pandas? Cute, furry pandas? China’s got you covered with pandas. 24/7 pandas.

For the large segment of the global population that are scrabbling to find footage of cuddly things, the Chengdu Research Base of Panda Breeding is providing the first multi-channel broadcast of round-the-clock panda footage. In high definition.

CNN reports that 28 live webcams will stream live feeds of adult, infant, and a combination of mother and child pandas, from which users can choose when they visit

The website began a test launch on June 24, according to Chinese state news agency Xinhua, and since then, has attracted nearly 15,000 visitors. View a non-stop feed of pandas yawning, eating bamboo, stretching, sleeping and sleeping when the site launches in August.