Aubrey Plaza Stars in a Spoof Trailer for Daria's High School Reunion

Comedy News Aubrey Plaza
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Prepare to take your combat boots back out of the closet and get excited (Or don’t. Happiness is overrated and the future is bleak) because one of your favorite ‘90s TV obsessions is back in live-action form. Well, sort of. In the most exciting trailer that we desperately wish was real, Lawndale High’s snarkiest straight-A student Daria Morgendorffer has been revived in a College Humor video played by—who else? (really) —Aubrey Plaza.

Daria graduated at the end of the animated TV series, but the trailer for Daria the Movie imagines the time when she returns for her high school reunion. Watch Plaza deadpan her way through scenes with her high-strung parents, her ditzy sister Quinn, her best friend Jane and sorta love interest Tom.

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