"Blurred Lines" Parody Site Offers New Lines that Rhyme with "Hug Me"

Comedy News
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What rhymes with hug me? So, so many things. And now there’s a parody site that gives inspired listeners some options.

Whatrhymeswithhug.me is an entire website devoted to the oft-memed about line in singer Robin Thicke’s most recent song Blurred Lines.

Once you’re on the site you’ll be greeted with the first possible rhyme for Thicke’s “hug me” line. The site will then play a clip of Thicke singing his line and the new response to it is sung right after. After the first line, you’re free to click through all of the other funny possibilities, some of which include references to Bill Cosby affinity for Jell-o and the popular drama series Breaking Bad.

Whatrhymeswithhug.me was created by Mustafa Khan, Alex Cram and Turner Kirk.

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