Cartoonist Illustrates Bill Watterson Advice in Style of Calvin and Hobbes

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Cartoonist Illustrates Bill Watterson Advice in Style of <i>Calvin and Hobbes</i>

Reposted with permission from Zen Pencils

There’s probably little to no argument in the battle of best comic strip of all time; Bill Watterson’s iconic Calvin and Hobbes will almost always come out on top (save Peanuts). While reading the strips, the jokes and heartwarming scenarios feel effortless, but Calvin and Hobbes didn’t become the timeless strip we know by accident. Watterson’s work ethic and integrity were clear through the project, whether it was the relatable characters he sketched on the page or refusing to sign them away to become merchandise.

But as Zen Pencils reminds us, it was a rough road to get there. Watterson was fired from the Cincinnati Post as a political cartoonist before working on the comic. He would take on an advertising layout job to make ends meet while working on his own comics at his parents’ home. Calvin and Hobbes was born, and the rest is history.

In 1990, Watterson gave a speech at his alma mater, Kenyon College—which touched on defining yourself past what’s simply expected of you. The folks over at Zen Pencils illustrated this amazing take on a quote from the speech. For those who mourn the loss of Calvin and Hobbes, it’s an incredible look back at the real-life wisdom of Watterson and a welcome, nostalgic stroll through the iconic illustrations.

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