David Byrne "Would Love" For Steve Coogan to Play Him in a Movie

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David Byrne "Would Love" For Steve Coogan to Play Him in a Movie

Photo by Catalina Kulczarmarin

Hear that, Hollywood? David Byrne is down for a biopic, and he already has an actor in mind—Steve Coogan.

The Talking Heads frontman told NME, “Steve came the last time I played in London. He was there. So you never know. OK, I would love to see that!”

We already know the English actor is keen on the idea and, in fact, he was the one that prompted the conversation in the first place. In this week’s issue of NME, Coogan revealed that Byrne is the next musical figure he’d like to play on-screen. “He hasn’t done what a lot of rock stars do, which is just conform to what they do and what everyone wants them to be. He does his own thing and hopefully enough people like it to sustain it. It’d be fun wearing his big suits too.”

It also doesn’t hurt that Coogan is “personally acquainted” with Byrne, according to the Observer.

But just in case things don’t work out with the star, Byrne has a back-up in mind with Saturday Night Live’s Fred Armisen—who apparently does a great impression of the St. Vincent collaborator.

“Fred is a comedian, actor and musician who is in the TV show Portlandia,” Byrne said. “I went to see a singer called Joan As Police Woman at a small club and Fred was the opening act. He didn’t know I was in the audience, but he did an imitation of me that was really good. Really good! He found out I was in the audience, and I think he was a little bit like, ‘Oh shit!’”

So there you have it. Byrne’s basically done the casting for us, so now it’s time for somebody to get working on that script.