California Man Would Like You to Support a Short Film of Him Staring at the Camera

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This is Jeremy Bornstein. He lives in California, he wants to film a movie, and he needs your help. With the support of strangers across the world, Bornstein hopes to raise enough money to record himself looking at the camera for about 30 minutes, give or take. And he has calculated that it will cost exactly $15,037 to make this dream a reality.

According to Bornstein, he already has a camera with digital film, he doesn’t mind using natural light to record, and he might need to charge the camera battery from his house at some point. As he puts it, “That’s why I only need $15,037.”

Other points addressed in his Kickstarter include a brief introduction that succinctly describes what classified ads are (“They were in newspapers,” Bornstein notes), the amount of thought he invested in this project, and an FAQ that addresses the possibility and ramifications associated with him blinking during the recording. Those who support Mr. Bornstein will be rewarded incrementally depending on the value of their investment. For example, Bornstein promises that he “will think about your name at some point during the making of the film” to anybody who donates $127.

As of Sept. 18, Mr. Bornstein has raised $535.

(Via Esquire)

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