Designers Create Doctor Who-Inspired TARDIS Refrigerator Skin

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Designers Create <i>Doctor Who</i>-Inspired TARDIS Refrigerator Skin

Attention die-hard Doctor Who fans: thanks to a couple of designers in Northern California, you can now turn your refrigerator into your very own TARDIS Police Box.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the show, the TARDIS is the machine used by the main character to travel time. The exterior is disguised as a police call box, which you can now put into your own kitchen.

Although designers Joy Alyssa Day and B.E. Johnson say the skin works best with French door refrigerators, the two have made it possible to accommodate any refrigerator style. They have also created the option to include custom additions to the refrigerator, like a small police telephone door that serves as a cover for the appliance’s ice maker.


According to the website “There is also a Sound Box available; an audio module that fits inside the fridge that can be programmed to play your favorite Police Box sounds whenever the doors open.”


You can order a TARDIS refrigerator cover from