Folk Duo Covers Cantina Song From Star Wars

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Victor & Penny, a folk/blues duo from Kansas City, have finally brought peace to the galaxy with their cover of the “Cantina Band” song from Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. Due to its repetitive nature, that song will forever be burned into the brains of any die-hard Star Wars fans. Thankfully, the duo of Victor & Penny have taken the time to give the song new life with their refreshing blues-rock cover.

Victor & Penny is made up of Jeff Freling and Erin McGrane. McGrane strums charming ukulele melodies, while Freling provides slick, upbeat guitar tunes. The duo released its last album Antique Pop in 2012 and was most recently rewarded with the 2013 Escape to Create Artist Residency.

Check out their cover below as well as their performance of “Elaine, Elaine.”

For more info on Victor & Penny visit their website

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