Jimmy Fallon Parodies Breaking Bad

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Jimmy Fallon Parodies <i>Breaking Bad</i>

With only six months left (at Late Night), Jimmy Fallon has turned to selling jokes on the street in his new Breaking Bad parody.

Like Fallon’s other parodies, “”Game of Desks and “”Downtown Sixbey, the late night host premiered his new series “Joking Bad” on last night’s episode of “Late Night With Jimmy Fallon.”

Jimmy Fallon  teams up with “Hig-bones” (Steve Higgins) to create the world’s purest jokes. Fallon and Higgins become a huge success when they start selling to some high-profile clients like Colin Quinn. However, things go south when Fallon gets busted by his head writer and has to enlist the help of The Roots and their colleague to get the job done. Unfortunately, he might be putting his whole career in jeopardy when he starts running out of jokes.

See what happens to “Falsonberg” in the full clip below.