Watch a Stop-Motion Lego Tribute to Michael Jackson’s "Thriller"

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Watch a Stop-Motion Lego Tribute to Michael Jackson’s "Thriller"


It’s hard to believe Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” video could get any more awesome, but today it does. Annette Jung of Talking Animals, a Berlin-based animation studio, has recreated Jackson’s “Thriller” using only Legos.

Jung is a 2D animator, director and comic artist who put her trifecta of skills to use in the stop-motion remake. Her video reimagines the short skit at the beginning of the original “Thriller” video and features Lego versions of Jackson and model Ola Ray.

Jackson’s original “Thriller” video was 13-minutes long and directed by John Landis. It served as a groundbreaking mix of film and music, the first of its kind when released in 1983. Jung’s adaptation is an impressive take on such an iconic video. We’ll be hoping for a full-length Lego version soon.