Huell Gets an Incredible Breaking Bad Spin-off Trailer

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Huell Gets an Incredible <i>Breaking Bad</i> Spin-off Trailer

SPOILER ALERT If you’re not caught up on Breaking Bad, what are you doing here?

We’re all expecting for Sunday night’s Breaking Bad finale to give us strong conclusions for Walt, Jesse, Skyler and the series overall, but that doesn’t mean we’ll find out what happened to every character.

For example, what will happen to poor Huell, Saul Goodman’s bodyguard and lover of cash mattresses? He’s still at the hotel safe house waiting for Hank. I’ve got some bad news for you Huell, he ain’t coming anytime soon.

But the folks at Funny Or Die have created their own idea of what has come of Huell in their trailer for his own spin-off “Huell’s Rules.” Huell has brought his whole family along to protect them from Heisenberg and we’ve been brought along for the love and laughs that are sure to ensue!

“Huell’s House” doesn’t look that far off from some of TBS’ Tyler Perry produced programs, especially when Huell’s mother-in-law comes to visit. Let’s just hope AMC (which have the new tagline “Now We’re Funny”) gets any ideas for Better Call Saul from this trailer.