Ghostbusters Fans Petition to Restore ECTO-1A

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<i>Ghostbusters</i> Fans Petition to Restore ECTO-1A

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, maybe part of your problem is that old, run-down Ecto-1A from Ghostbusters II.

After a picture of the car was posted to Instagram by a user named “cheekybama,” a group simply known as Ghostbusters Fans have created a petition to help restore this piece of film history. The car currently sits in Sony’s Prop Warehouse in Culver City, Calif. The photo shows obvious outer damage to the car including broken windows and a smashed hood.

According to the Ghostbuster Fans website, a restoration project was put in place to restore both the Ecto-1 and the Ecto-1A in 2007. The Ecto-1 was completed, but due to budget cuts, the Ecto-1A was abandoned in an empty lot after being stripped for repairs. Fans are now asking that Sony sell the group the original car in order to restore it back to its original state. Once they have the car, the group says it will then start a Kickstarter campaign to complete the project. After completing the restoration, Ghostbuster Fans hopes to implement a tour of the United States, showcasing the car at events like San Diego Comic Con, Dragon Con, New York Comic Con and several others.

Click here to sign the petition, which currently has over 2,000 signatures.