Guided by Voices Want $55k for Their Old Drum Kit

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Guided by Voices Want $55k for Their Old Drum Kit

It may have only cost Robert Pollard and Co. the price of a four-track player and a few cases of Meister Bräu to launch themselves into the indie rock stratosphere, but THR points out the makers of Bee Thousand have set an auction to start at $55,000 for their original drum kit.

The kit belongs to original Guided By Voices drummer Kevin Fennell and includes two toms, a bass drum, several cymbals and a foot pedal. Though the lo-fi garage rockers experienced their fair share of lineup changes after signing to a major label in 1995, Fennell’s drum kit somehow managed to survive the entire ride—even long after Fennell himself quit the band in 1996.

Described on its eBay listing as “simply good looking,” the drums have seen “three US tours and three European tours including the 2010 Reunion Tour … the Central Park Summer Stage and the Jon Stewart Show [sic].”

There are no bids on the kit as of yet, but rest assured the club is open over at eBay. The drums still have another five days to go until bidding closes, which should give plenty of time for Pollard and his band to put out a few more records while they wait.