Origami Street Art Will Stop You in Your Tracks

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Origami Street Art Will Stop You in Your Tracks

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In the streets of France, dots of color spread out like confetti to create intricate shapes, patterns and messages. Some are free-flowing and abstract, others form a clearly defined image. A closer look reveals each tiny dot is a meticulously folded piece of origami. This is the work of Mademoiselle Maurice, an intriguing and somewhat mysterious Paris-based artist who spreads joy on city streets through her installation pieces.

Mademoiselle Maurice says her work “raises many questions about human nature and the interactions that sustain people and the environment,” according to her website. Her experiences living in Tokyo for a year inspired her work in origami. In 2011, a wave of tragedies struck the country with multiple natural disasters and the Fukushima power plant explosion. In Hiroshima Park, a statue honors a girl named Sadako who created a thousand paper cranes that became symbols of peace in postwar Japan. Mlle Maurice decided to craft her own paper creations that spill out into the midst of urban sprawl, engaging passerby and adding positive emotions to the landscape.

Though based in France, Mlle Maurice creates exhibitions for galleries and festivals worldwide. Visit the artist’s website to keep up with her work and see where her next adventure will be.

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Via: Bored Panda