The Avett Brothers Cover Heavy Metal Classics on Fallon

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The Avett Brothers Cover Heavy Metal Classics on <i>Fallon</i>

In a digital short for Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, popular folk/roots-rock group the Avett Brothers covered a number of heavy metal classics including Iron Maiden’s “Run To The Hills,” Black Sabbath’s “Iron Man” and Metallica’s “One.”

“Do you enjoy the sinister and aggressive themes of heavy metal music, but wish that it had a sunnier, more gentle sound? Well then I’ve got the album for you: The Avett Brother’s Sing Heavy Metal,” said Jimmy Fallon, acting as fake informercial host Steve Joshua. “America’s favorite folk-rock band sing 25 of the darkest, most head banging songs ever written.”

The group performed the three covers in front of stereotypical, ominous metal backdrops of burning crop fields and lightning covered skies. There are even 10 bonus tracks on the album from bands that “you’ve never even heard of” like: “My Intesine” by Clowns of Torment and “Succubus” by Skullrun.

According to Fallon, you can “order” the album off their fake website “”