Breaking Bad Finally Meets Malcolm for Alternate Ending

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<i>Breaking Bad</i> Finally Meets <i>Malcolm</i> for Alternate Ending

It was all a dream, he used to make millions off methamphetamine—well, at least that’s how the story goes in the new Breaking Bad joke alternate ending that was released yesterday. With the official Breaking Bad: The Complete Series DVD box set hitting stores on Nov. 26, AMC’s hit show has released a sneak peek for one of the DVD’s amazing extras, which features an entirely different take on how the series might have concluded.

The alternate ending is a homage to the tongue-in-cheek fan theory that drug kingpin Walter White’s exploits served as a prequel to his life as a wacky father on Fox’s Malcolm in the Middle, presumably as the result of entering the witness protection program. Here, however, Cranston’s Hal wakes up in the middle of the night in very Bob Newhart fashion to tell his wife Lois all about meth, DEA agents and his underwear. You can check out the clip above, courtesy of AMC.