Watch James Franco, Seth Rogen Take on Kanye West with "Bound 3" Video

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Seth Rogen  uploaded to his Facebook page a reenactment of Kanye West’s new “Bound 2” music video this morning. Though he may have had second thoughts about posting the video (or maybe he received a disgruntled phone call from West himself), YouTube users were quick to snatch up the video and share it to the world anyway.

In Rogen’s video, James Franco fills in for Kim Kardashian as the two ride a motorcycle across an array of colorful landscapes. You have to respect the attention to detail that the duo put into making this video, which they apparently did during their spare time in the middle of shooting The Interview.

Although this new video is eerily similar to West’s original in almost every way, it looks like Franco and Rogen are already getting a much warmer reception. While West’s video has 37,424 likes and an overwhelming 63,164 dislikes, the parody video is sitting pretty at 2,198 likes and just 17 dislikes. Fans have spoken, and clearly the parody video’s kissing shots were done much more tastefully than its source material. You can watch the new video above, and check out some side-by-side comparisons of each music video below.