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I’ve now “interacted” with this incredible “Like a Rolling Stone” video three times on BobDylan.com, and I’m still not sure what just happened; I only know it was amazing. But as far as I can tell, as my mind continues to reel, these are the basics:

1. It’s a music video for “Like a Rolling Stone,” the Bob Dylan hit. It’s been almost 50 years since the song was released, and there has never been an official music video.

2. But this isn’t just any video. It’s interactive. You can flip through different tv channels within the video itself, and see different programs. And on each show, the actors and hosts are mouthing the words to the song in perfect time.

3. And the shows are real! Sort of! We’ve got Drew Carey on “The Price is Right,” Steve Levy on “SportsCenter,” the Pawn Stars guys, Marc Maron recording a podcast, a history show about the depression, a news channel, a totally different music video, and etc. At first glance, I’m counting 16 different channels.

4. It’s funny, too! There’s a fake movie called Love is Love, a show called “Bachelor’s Roses,” and a competition on the sports channel called the “Pan Asia Tennis Tournament” (first round, of course). And look, that’s just scratching the surface. No two experiences are alike, and it seems like you could watch it a thousand times and discover something new with each view.

If you missed the link above, check it out here.

Here’s what the press release accompanying the video’s release had to say:

The Bob Dylan – “Like a Rolling Stone” Interactive Video showcases a patented technology platform, created by the digital media company Interlude, which allows viewers to play an active role in the story of the music video. The experience begins when users press play and have the ability to surf 16 different “TV channels” within the video in real-time. These channels are comprised of American TV formats in which, no matter what channel you are on, the hosts and actors are all lip-syncing the lyrics to “Like a Rolling Stone” as the song continues to play seamlessly.

The video was released in conjunction with The Complete Album Collection Volume 1, from Columbia/Legacy Recordings.

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