Notegraphy: An App That Can Turn Anyone Into a Designer

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If Twitter has shown us anything, it’s that we don’t always have long, drawn out thoughts at every waking moment. Sometimes, just a simple note will do.

Notegraphy helps you achieve this with an interface that facilitates the creation of text, with the option to morph your creations with any number of themes. Essentially, you can either type a tweet-length bit of text or anything longer, and stylize it using the Notegraphy interface. A lot of prospective writers are using it as a way to puff up famous quotes, mixing them up accordingly and sending them to friends. Once you’ve typed up your piece, there are over 25 layouts for each note—a collective artistic armory from designers all over the world.

While the app can technically be tapped for anything, one use that I’ve found on a personal level is creating notes to send to my wife. Packed with inspirational quotes and inside jokes, I set them to the tone of a vibrant backdrop and a suited font. It helps keep things interesting rather than just texting back and forth constantly, and I ended up using it a lot more than I anticipated. There is a social element attached, but since Notegraphy allows you to automatically save all of your creations to your Camera Roll, you can easily send the cropped notes by way of email and SMS.


Should you be feeling a little more creative outside of the confines of a portable device, Notegraphy also has an online portal, where you can sign into your account in a very similar fashion to iCloud. You can choose to make notes here as well, which is probably better for more long-form writing. You’ll also be able to explore the creations of other users for inspiration, or sort by “artists,” to get straight to the professionals. As soon as I found this feature I nonchalantly started browsing, and found myself getting lost for an hour—it can get pretty addicting!

What I love most about the app is that it doesn’t push the social element as heavily as pretty much every other photo platform out there. If you just want to save drafts and create notes to send to other people through more traditional means, you can totally do that—the only caveat is that you need to create an account on the site (or sign in with Twitter/Facebook).

I didn’t really have high expectations for Notegraphy going in, but I was pleasantly surprised. I can see myself creating brief messages here and there and sending them to people on a weekly basis, completely free of some of the trappings of its competitors. If you’re not normally a fan of apps like this, Notegraphy may be the creative outlet you’re looking for.

Platform: iOS
Price: Free
Download: iTunes

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