Robox: An Accessible Desktop 3D Printer For Everyone

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There have been a number of significant technological advances in the past few years, but few have been more exciting than the the 3D printer. Once seen as some kind of mystical device that we could only dream about or see in science fiction movies, a desktop 3D printer for all (with the cash spare) is seeming a lot more likely now. One such source for a device is courtesy of CEL, a British based firm, aiming to provide an accessible and reliable 3D printer for anyone who wants one.

With a newly launched Kickstarter campaign, the firm is currently offering its Robox Desktop 3D printer for £700 (around $1,130) with an estimated delivery time of March 2014. Besides being well priced, the printer is a comfortable size for placing on your work desk and it’s surprisingly easy to use. Setting up is simply a matter of plugging it in, installing the drivers, and choosing what to print first. Just like a regular printer, only much cooler.

Aiming to further simplify the matter, Robox will instantly recognize what material is installed, setting the various parameters appropriately, and ensuring that you can enjoy the results rather than spend time figuring things out. Even the printer’s consumable filaments are set to be inexpensive and easy to change, thanks to CEL’s SmartReel technology. The printing process is set to be so simple that CEL even believes that children from the age of five will be able to use Robox, offering both a ton of fun and great educational opportunities.

The Robox Kickstarter is set to run until December 20 and its prospects are looking very good already. Pledges start at £5 ($8) with £700 ($1,130) snagging you one of the first Robox units. There are limited numbers available, so get in quick if it piques your interest.

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