Scratch N' Sniff Wine Book

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Scratch N' Sniff Wine Book

Master sommelier Richard Betts (one of only 200 master sommeliers in the world) has created a guide to wine tasting for those of us whose pallets stopped maturing in elementary school. The Essential Scratch N’ Sniff Guide to Becoming a Wine Expert is full of photos and smells that are designed to help wine newbies understand the difference in common various wines. Betts insists that tasting wine is really about the smell, which he breaks down into three easy categories: fruit, wood, and earth.

The great takeaway from the book: be candid when you talk about wine, and show no fear: Everybody’s right when it comes to tasting wine. If you open up a nice Pinot and smell toffee wrapped in bacon, then that’s what you smell. Don’t be ashamed of it.

Pick it up at Amazon for $13.