Snooperscope: An Accessory That Gives Night Vision To Your Smartphone

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Snooperscope: An Accessory That Gives Night Vision To Your Smartphone

Being able to see in the dark is frequently one of those powers that people would love to have, often narrowly beaten by invisibility and X-ray vision. While there’s no smartphone gadget out there that can solve those two wishes just yet, there is one that aims to make night vision a possibility.

It’s called Snooperscope and it’s currently in development by UK based firm, Psy Corporation (no affiliation with the South Korean pop star). Those keen to snag one such device from the first production run can do so through the Kickstarter campaign that’s currently in progress.

The Snooperscope is a simple device that can attach onto any smartphone’s camera via a special built-in magnet. Employing what the company calls “special optical techniques”, the device works wirelessly and in conjunction with a smartphone app to enable you to see exactly what’s going on, even in the dark. It’ll even reveal hidden things under visible light, that wouldn’t normally be seen by the human eye. Plus, for posterity, you can take photographs of the results—as well as video footage.

Besides being very cool to use and mess around with, Snooperscope looks set to offer some great practical advantages. Psy Corporation suggests it would be great for observing night time wildlife, but also can make you feel a bit safer at home. Being able to view what’s going on outside at night before opening the front door, for instance, is sure to make those who are home alone feel safer.

While the cool looking gadget hasn’t quite yet hit its target, the Snooperscope Kickstarter is set to run until December 25, giving it plenty of time to reach that goal figure. Currently you can pick up one of the first production run Snooperscopes for $69, saving $30 on the full retail price. It’s sure to be both an entertaining and practical gadget to add to your smartphone.