Half unicorn, half octopus, half confused.

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Half unicorn, half octopus, half confused.

Octicorn is unique. His mom’s an octopus and his dad’s a unicorn. With his unconventional parentage, the little guy has trouble making friends. But, with the help of his new book, Octi hopes people will begin to embrace his quirkiness.

Written by Kevin Diller and illustrated by Justin Lowe, Hello, My Name is Octicorn is the perfect book for anyone who’s ever felt a little different. The story follows Octi on his journey to make new friends, highlighting the extraordinary characteristics of octicorns in the process. With charmingly-simple illustrations and heartfelt narration from Octi, Hello, My Name is Octicorn celebrates originality.

“I know I look different than everyone else,” says Octi, “but that’s ok. Because in the end, we all want the same things: cupcakes, friends and a jet ski.”

Lowe created Octi about a decade ago when he made stickers of an octopus-unicorn hybrid and shared them with friends and family. Before long, Octi was such a hit that Lowe’s mom began sewing Octicorn pillows as gifts.

After receiving one of the Octicorn pillows, Diller’s daughter promptly asked her dad to tell her a story about Octi. Diller concocted a tale about the talented, cupcake-loving creature’s search for friendship, and Hello, My Name is Octicorn was born. A successful Kickstarter campaign funded the first printing of the book this fall, and a second printing is already in the works due to Octi’s popularity.

You can learn more about Octi (including what he likes to do for fun) here, and you can pre-order books from the second printing here.