OkDoThis: An App That Turns Photography Into A Game

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OkDoThis: An App That Turns Photography Into A Game

As a general rule, I don’t like signing up to a myriad of social networks. I have a few out of necessity to maintain contact with dear friends, and my mainline into the social world is Twitter—that’s about it. For the purposes of this write-up, I begrudgingly signed up for OkDoThis’ proprietary network and you know what? It’s not half bad.

OkDoThis is essentially an Instragram-like app with full support for its own social network and a similar sharing function for budding photographers. There are options to find followers, to follow others, and to seek out different types of photography. But it does one thing that its competitors truly lack: It directly inspires you to go out and create more content—and even gives you ideas. Upon booting up the app your first task is to complete a “Do,” or a challenge.

Upon creating my account, my first “Do” was to take a picture of whatever was in front of my camera at the moment, without moving my phone. It was my floor with my adorable dog on it and I even gained a few followers for this serendipitous moment. What this essentially functions as is a videogame, challenging you to best certain “levels” and find new photo opportunities. Your “score” is your follower count, which can raise quite a bit if you get clever with your pictures.


The OkDoThis team constantly updates your “Do” list with new seasonal tasks, such as Christmas themed challenges or winter happenings. It sounds ridiculous, but I was inspired to go outside into the woods near my house for a few of these Dos. As an added bonus you can create your own, which may get hand picked from the OkDoThis team for the national stage. You can also bookmark Dos, which I did on numerous occasions for circumstances where I’d be near specific objects like during a vacation or weekend trip.

As for the nuts and bolts, the app does let you import your Facebook or Twitter information to fill out your profile, but you still need to ultimately create an account with them. The good news is you need minimal information to get started, so you don’t need to fill in every bit of your profile. The interface is sleek, stylish, and iOS 7-ready, focusing on beautiful orange and black hues. It’s very easy to figure out where to go in the app, and even easier to get lost in the piles of user submissions.

OkDoThis is a pretty unique take on the social media photo app. Rather than be content wading in an endless stream of “me-too” programs, it attempts to actually inspire people to better their skills and go out and do stuff. In the process you may find that you’re better at the craft than you once thought, which is pretty magical, in my opinion.

You can download OkDoThis in the iOS App Store for $1.99.