Picture Porter: A Proper Replacement of the Photo Album

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Picture Porter: A Proper Replacement of the Photo Album

Photographs are dearly treasured by many of us. They offer us key insights into how things looked once upon a time, as well as remind us of happy memories gone by. While the advent of digital photography has meant that it’s easier to keep multiple copies, it comes with its own issues.

First is the problem of how to back them up safely and securely. Then there’s the issue that looking through photos on Facebook doesn’t exactly capture the communal feel of passing around a photo album.

Picture Porter is one possible solution to both of these problems. It’s a digital photo manager that’s currently being developed, and hopefully funded by a Kickstarter campaign.

The portable digital photo manager will offer a 5” screen in which you can browse, share, organize, and protect your photographs easily. Offering up to 1TB in capacity, with support for SSD drives, the all-in-one solution also caters for various external memory devices such as SD, CF, USB flash drives, and numerous other storage devices. An HDMI connection and audio input/out jacks further adds to the flexibility, allowing you to view the content on a TV, monitor, or projector. It’s immediately much more flexible than other options that regular photographers will have tried, such as tablets or laptops.

Simple to use and browse, the Picture Porter is palm-sized and very easy to transport, potentially proving very useful indeed for those who want to look after their beloved images.

The Kickstarter campaign doesn’t have long left to run and has quite a way to go until its goal, but that does mean there are plenty of opportunities to get the Picture Porter for a lower price. Starting at $249, you can get a Picture Porter with no storage, with $299 buying you the device with a 500gb hard drive. While some might balk at the price, for photo enthusiasts, a dedicated device that can hold some some sizable data doesn’t seem like such a bad idea.