Posters for Fake Seinfeld Movie Mysteriously Appear in New York

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In its nearly decade-long run, Seinfeld introduced plenty of hilariously bad movie titles—from the Daylight-inspired Chunnel to actual Larry David screenplay Prognosis Negative—but none so frequently as Rochelle, Rochelle, the fictional film described (repeatedly) as “a young girl’s strange, erotic journey from Milan to Minsk.” So you can forgive New Yorkers for getting a little (okay, a lot) excited this week when posters for the movie famously “about life, love, and becoming a woman” showed up outside the real-life United Artists Theatre on the Upper East Side.

It was all revealed to be the work of street artist Jay Shells, who says he might produce additional Seinfeld posters for movies like Sack Lunch depending on the public response. Either way, fans of pointless (albeit potentially boob-filled) cinema got treated to a tantalizing glimpse of the still sadly-not-real movie after 20 years of waiting. At least they did until the posters were surreptitiously made off with, proving there’s still a little bit of George in all of us. Here’s the full pic Shells posted to his Twitter:


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