Taasky: Because We All Love Lists and There's Another Beautiful App For That

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Taasky: Because We All Love Lists and There's Another Beautiful App For That

Lists are wonderful things. Grocery lists, useful app lists, best list lists—we all love them more than we’d like to admit. For those who work in checklist fashion, they’re an essential experience whose form would always enjoy an improvement. That said, while paper still has its uses, sometimes it feels like an antiquated medium for agenda construction purposes. Again we find modern tech obligating the Luddites among us to reconsider their priorities: Taasky is adding a new flavor to the analogous ice cream shop of itinerary management.

A swipe in any of the cardinal directions engages one of the key functions. Dragging downward or to the right from anywhere on the screen pulls out a new plate as if it’s a section on a garage door track. The latter reveals the categories your tasks may be sorted and organized into. Each category tile slot retains its color, though its icon and category title are customizable. Additionally, each task is book ended with a band color-coordinated with its category, making classifications from the “view all” tile a facile affair.

Tugging downard allows you to fit a new task into whichever category you’d like, defaulting to the one you’re viewing. This menu also allows you to affix due dates and alarm reminders, as well as set a task to priority status with a star. Should you choose to revise these attributes later, sliding a specific task to the left quietly uncovers editing options. A tap on the item will bring back the larger, new-task version.


Once you’ve finished a task, tap the scribble bubble to check it off. Everything you’ve completed will fall to and collect at the bottom, offering the chance to undo mistakes or view the textual form of your handiwork. When you’re done, drag up and release to shake them loose into whatever etymological purgatory discarded text disappears into. Overall, the gestures really feel natural in Taasky—perhaps moreso than most other task managers like it.

However, there are a few details this inaugural version could have addressed. First, it insists that at least one item is starred. Attempting to remove all of them promotes the next item on the list. You’re also limited to only four custom categories—and while that keeps things simple, it won’t be enough for some. It should also be noted that Taasky is a big, blocky, large-texted kind of listing app. Most of the typefaces are really nice though—obviously designed to be use comfortably and with a certain aesthetic pleasure on smaller iOS devices. Your iPad, however, might appreciate something more intricate.

The app is a sharp and tactile task manager with immediate intelligibility thanks to the intuitive design. It’s disinterested in inflating its function with extras, but will most likely see an amending of the quibbles associated with what it does tackle.

Taasky is an iOS app that you can download for $0.99 on iTunes.