TellSpec: A Futuristic Spectrometer That Tells You The Contents of Your Food

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TellSpec: A Futuristic Spectrometer That Tells You The Contents of Your Food

The human body is a lot like a car engine—it needs the right fuel in it to perform correctly. Unlike a car engine, people can often suffer from various sensitivities and allergies to certain food types and other environmental factors. As anyone who’s suffered from such problems can attest to, it can be tough to find out exactly what’s causing the issue. Enter TellSpec, a futuristic spectrometer that could really be a gamechanger.

The gadget, having recently been funded via an Indiegogo project is a handheld wireless scanner that analyzes food to work out exactly what it’s made of. While the device doesn’t promise to diagnose a condition (with it being much safer to consult a physician), it does aim to offer guidance, reassurance, and a logging feature for those who want to try to figure things out for themselves.

Using a low-powered laser, the scanner analyzes the energy states of the molecules within the food to determine the main chemical compounds within. It’ll then accurately feed back the results to your smartphone. It’s a very cool idea that seems incredibly futuristic—almost like something from an episode of the Jetsons. Checking for things such as soy or nuts, as well as even calorific and sugar content, it’s an ideal device for those with intolerances as well as specific dietary needs, such as diabetics.

The TellSpec food analysis system works on a crowdsourcing basis, meaning the more it’s used by people, the more accurate the results become, proving ideal for long term usage.

While the Indiegogo project has concluded, pre-orders are still being taken on the TellSpec site. Currently, scanners can be pre-ordered for $320.00 for one, or $490.00 for two. Each package comes with a year’s worth of analysis services for free. That seems like a comparatively small price to pay for knowing exactly what you’re eating at all times.